Realtor Reality…

Realtors remind me of Trump.

They are self-impressed, negative, find it challenging to tell the truth, money hungry, aggressive and place the onus on others.

They are never responsible for failure…it’s always the product.

I had forgotten what a squirrelly bunch of bullshit artists they are.

Allow me to set the stage for my fresh coat of animosity.

I put 6 months of blood, sweat and tears (forget the money) into cleaning out and renovating our family home.

When it came time for the realtor to rent the house he put absolutely NO effort into the transaction…just left it on the internet to speak for itself.

He offered up excuses when he bothered to reach out which was never.

When the house was finally rented, he screwed up the contract and then waited days to let me know that the deal had fallen through.

They tell you that selling your home is a slam dunk with this caveat…pour money into making their job easier.

The new buzz word is…wait for it…staging.

What you have already done seems to never be enough.

And, let’s not forget the daily dose of stating that there is no guarantee you will get the asking price.

I am telling you these peeps that prey on society earn 5% for whining.

I would be a rich woman if I received a commission for spending my days complaining.

Selling a product takes a positive attitude.

As a publicist, if I agreed to represent a client and then told them that I cannot guarantee press exposure if they didn’t change their outward physical appearance (facelift, body reimaging) I would never work.

I wish I had the ability to sell property on my own.

Realtors are bottom feeders.

The only reputable realtor I have ever worked with is the agent who repped us in purchasing our LA home.

Heather is one of a kind…loyal, honest, positive and actually cares about her clients.

Realtor relationships are like online dating.

At first they are enthusiastic, positive…let’s meet and make this relationship work.

If there’s chemistry, both parties agree to take the relationship to the next level.

Once you move forward, they drop all pretense and it is a match made in hell.

This realtor reality drama is a bonafied shit show.

Thank you for indulging me (you had no choice, but thanks anyway)…end of rant and have a great weekend.


  1. Lorraine Kweskin says:

    So can you change realtors? I have someone to recommend.

  2. Like any industry the bad experiences using a professional seem to override the good ones (I was happy to hear you’ve experienced both). To begin with the commission paid out us supposed be negotiate. After 20 years at a traditional brokerage I followed a gentleman I respected to a 1% listing firm believing that as a consumer I wouldn’t want to pay 3% to have my home marketer (especially with the built in pay raise as the market went up).

    That said it’s hard to read blanket comments about our industry knowing how difficult it is from my perspective. Not aiming to be defensive as I appreciate you are sharing your personal experience on your own blog…I felt compelled to chime in knowing how good my own intentions are when I represent a seller.

    If I split my career in half I would say that for many of my first years in the biz I did everything possible to save a seller from unnecessary outlay and wasn’t a believer in staging. These past 5 years its become the norm and has proven be instrumental in securing more money for the sellers. It seems a buyer will be more emotionally drawn to a home that is staged. I became so much convinced of this that I started a staging company and like my sales model have an eye for making sure it’s a good value dollar for dollar.

    Forgive me for sounding so defensive but I know how it is from the other side and how genuine my intentions are when I set out to do the best possible job for the seller.

    Like politics the press is not always our friend suggesting that getting multiple offers is the norm and setting high expectations. Far too many variables exist and suggesting it will be competitive can be detrimental to all parties.

    As you know this is not intended to be a solicitation as I’m not active in your market place. I do apologize for experiences you’ve had that have left you with your negative opinion of our industry as a whole. My wish for you is that you have landed with an individual that can help create a better impression for you regarding the real estate industry as a whole. Selling a family home has addition elements making it even trickier and as a professional we are often riding on a fence that is surrounded with multiple sellers and emotions making it difficult to please everyone.

    I hope this simply works as an opportunity to consider the view from the other side. Wishing you all the best getting this chapter behind you so you can move on. I dread the day I will need to attend to the task you are faced with. In my case it won’t even involve a sale but rather liquidating of personal effects in a rental. At least you will have a financial record for all your efforts. Nothing easy about what you are doing for you or your real estate professional.

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