Did I Really Buy That?!…

photo: jezebel.com
photo: jezebel.com

I just had my closets designed and organized by the Container Store.

After surgery, performed by John, the coolest craftsman I have had in my third world home, I spent 3 hours putting everything back in the brand new closet with an assist from the man in my life…my husband was away on business (just kidding).

My New Closet
My New Closet

I did not know I had soo many items in Los Angeles. I always think my time in southern California is fleeing.

The reality is that I now hate all my clothes. I am ready to throw 90% them out or donate them to Goodwill.

How could I have bought that dress, blouse, sweater…I thought I had good taste.

I am very disappointed in myself. I have learned my lesson. First, never buy just because it is on sale or a great price. It’s analogous to throwing raw meat in front of a wild animal…just cannot resist.

Buy less and buy discerningly even if it is more expensive.

I do love my shoes, bags and jewelry…I am happy to report no major faux pas in the accessory category. BUT, the clothes, in my estimation,  are tres ugly.

Anyone out there want to peruse my mistakes? They may be your found treasures.

Looks as if there is retail therapy session in my future. Oh, I forgot, I don’t have any more disposable income.


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