Reality Overload…

I am so glad that that my public relations prime was before social media exploded.

Life is so immediate now…no secrets.

Events, especially celebrity driven, are considered ‘Breaking News’ reaching the status of important Covid updates and Middle East conflict.

Case in point, Tiger Woods recent car accident.

I am in Los Angeles not that far from the scene of the crime.

Tuesday, every station had lengthy, full on coverage.

Local CBS sportscaster, Jim Hill, was in casual attire as if he was ready for a round of golf, needlessly broadcasting from the Riviera  Country Club, the site of the Genesis Invitational where Tiger Woods was Tournament host last Sunday.

After an establishing shot of the damaged vehicle which Woods was driving was beamed out to the world resting on its side and the aftermath of the jaws of life rescue highlighted, the next hour was filled with salacious chatter about Tiger’s divorce, prescription drug addiction, affairs and his declining golf game despite Woods’ miraculous Masters win in 2019.

I do not care about past transgressions.

I hope he makes a full recovery, which is the issue here especially since no other vehicle or person was involved.

Why does every celebrity story turn negative and scurrilous?

After trump I was hoping we would be ushering in the era of positivity and turn the heat down on cancel culture.

I would enjoy some happy talk in Coronaville.

There is enough reality on reality TV.

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  1. Absolutely agree!!

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