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The word is synonymous with Derek Jeter.

This season is The Yankee Captain’s swan song. In every city on the Yankees schedule, Jeter is greeted with standing ovations and personalized gifts from each individual major league ball club.

Jeter is a man who played the game for 20 years and was consistently mistake and scandal free. He has been a class act, never in trouble during or in the off season. He has played hard, given his all, sacrificed his body and achieved baseball greatness.

He dated celebrities Mariah Carey, Jordana Brewster, Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly, Vanessa Minnillo and his present main squeeze, model, Hannah Davis. There has never been a whisper of a scandal even with such high profile partners.

The Yankees don’t anoint captains frequently or take the assignment lightly. They only select players with strong leadership qualities and impeccable integrity. Jeter has been the leader of the Bronx Bombers since 2003. He is only the 11th officially recognized captain on the team. When Lou Gehrig died, the Yankees did not select another captain for 35 years.

As of today, Derek Jeter ranks eighth on the Major League Baseball’s all-time list with 3,407 career hits. 

Nike’s Air Jordan brand, which is a long time sponsor of Jeter’s, just released an incrediblly heartfelt commercial to celebrate Jeter’s final year.

Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter

Legendary Yankee and NY Giants public address announcer, Bob Sheppard, announces Jeter’s at bat in the video with that iconic voice…Sheppard has past, but every Jeter home stance plate appearance still reverberates with the sound of  “The Voice of God.”

The video starts with Jeter adjusting the brim of his batting helmet just like he has in many of his more than 10,000 plate appearances.

Jeter’s signature gesture is then reciprocated ten-times over as a parade of opponents, fans and peers, tip their own caps to the Yankee Captain one last time.

The commercial features a who’s who of celebrity cameos including; Jay-Z, Jeter’s family, Rudy Giuliani, Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson, Tiger Woods, Billy Crystal, Mya Moore, Spike Lee, Michael Jordan and, lo and behold, Red Sox lefty pitcher, Jon Lester as well as Red Sox loyalists…miracles do happen.

Mariano Rivera

Jeter’s recently retired teammates and fellow “Core Four” members, sexy, first-rate left-handed pitcher, Andy Pettitte, greatest closer of all time, Mariano Rivera and outstanding catcher, Jorge Posada, make an appearance as does his longtime manager, Joe Torre.

The 90-second spot debuted last night during the MLB All Star Game. Jeter led off for the American League All-Stars with his classic inside-out swing and hammered a double to right field. Mike Trout followed with a triple and Jeter scored the first run of the game.

His second at bat was a single and he went 2 for 2 in the game. He was taken out in the 4th inning and left the All-Star game for the final time to a 3 minute ovation.

Last night’s game was Jeter’s 14th and final All-Star game appearance.

toby yankee cap

Jeter, a class act and phenomenal baseball player…I tip my cherished Yankee cap to you.

Watch the Derek Jeter farewell video salute:

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