Ray of Hope To Dump Trump…

Seeing Blue Again

What a sense of relief.

Election night was traumatic for me and I wasn’t even able to vote in Virginia or New Jersey.

Who knew that state politics would affect me so deeply?

As with all Americans of like mind, this year has been politically intense.

A pervasive feeling of impending doom is prevalent 24/7.

Today, I feel a ray of hope, a chance to breathe a little easier after figuratively holding my breathe for one year.

Tuesday was a victory for the Democrat party morale and a defeat for Trump-style nationalism.

I could not be prouder of all the wise, caring Americans in states such as Virginia, New Jersey and Washington State.

Americans felt marginalized.

Citizens rose up to elect the first openly transgender person to a state legislature in the U.S.

Former journalist, Danica Roem, knocked off 13-term Republican state Delegate Bob Marshall, who has called himself Virginia’s chief homophobe.

Jenny Durkan was elected the first female mayor of Seattle, Washington in nearly a century.

Voters in Charlotte, North Carolina elected former city council member, Vi Lyles, as its first-ever African American female mayor.

A former Virginia news anchor whose journalist girlfriend was shot and killed on live TV, defeated the N.R.A. backed Republican incumbent to win a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Hurst ran on stricter gun control measures, as well as on expanding Medicaid and increasing school funding.

On Election Day, Americans got angry and even.

Women showed up in droves, singlehandedly electing Ralph Northam governor of Virginia.

Millennials stood in line to vote, minorities were involved…grass roots politics is alive and well in this already Great country.

I learned from the Michael Moore Broadway show that we ALL have to get involved on any level.

After voting in New York, I ran an errand on 5th Avenue and was delighted to see tourists standing across the street from Trump Tower, posing with their middle finger proudly displayed with Agent Orange’s NYC residence in the background…was this a positive omen?

Thankfully, It looks like this country is getting back on the right track and that we have learned a valuable lesson about not taking politics for granted and leaving matters in the hands of incompetent, self-serving politicians and ill-informed voters who garner all their information from tainted FOX News.

Please, get involved locally and stay committed because the road back is bumpy and we have only just begun to fight for redemption, beginning in 2018.

Remember to always vote…it is a privilege and obligation…you can’t bitch if you don’t vote.

In Australia, citizens are fined if they fail to vote.  The U.S. should adopt this dictum.

We will Dump Trump, Banish Bannon and reinstate America as the compassionate leader that it has always been.


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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    AND we will prove to ourselves that we are not a nation comprised of red and blue states, but a nation comprised of multitudes -of races, genders, and original points of origin, who can come together and speak for ourselves.

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