Rapunzel, Cut Off Your Hair…

One person can ruin your day.

Yesterday, I was having a really great day.

I woke up to a gorgeous sunrise, went swimming at 7am. The sounds of silence echoed off my laps.

I indulged in a facial, had fresh berries by the pool and off to the gym to dance away 30 minutes on the Peloton.

Then Rapunzel reared her ugly head.

A nasty trainer in the gym was quite rude which is not unusual for her.

it’s really not what you say it is how you say it.

In her case the Rapunzel locks do not mask the age of the terrorizing face…high school ended 40 years ago. Move on, find a 21st century stylist and stop with the hair flipping.

Anyway, I care not about this hairy biatch, but I’m angry that she temporarily stole my happiness mojo.

Finding that perfectly calibrated self imposed high is not that easy.

I cannot count on my sports teams to aid in providing my natural elation.

The world is insane right now so this is barely a minuscule blip on the happiness radar screen, but One nasty person can easily poison the well.

Enjoy the weekend and don’t let anyone rain on your parade.


  1. That was great!!

  2. That was fabulous and so true! We cannot let anyone ruin our day!

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