Random Football, Bagels & Netflix Thoughts…

I should have never given up my pursuit of being a sports announcer.

Music publicists tend to age out, but sports announcers are rock steady into their 70s.

Of course I am assuming the powers that be would keep a mature woman around…wrinkles and all.

Look at Joe Buck and Troy Aikman the football broadcasting duo from FOX Sports who are leaving to reinvigorate ESPN Monday Night Football which I worked on.

The aging star announcing duo will be paid handsomely.

Buck’s deal is worth $75 million over five years and Aikman will be paid $90 million, on par with CBS’s Tony Romo for the richest annual NFL TV salary.

I should have also wholeheartedly pursued my dream of being a tight end for the NY Giants.

Not that I would be a GOAT like Tom Brady, but he  has the highest career on-field earnings among active NFL players…$293 million.

Perhaps I should have taken singing lessons during all those years in music.

A meditation app teamed up with John Legend to bring the world their newest sleepcast…a bedtime story narrated by the Legend himself.

When I think of people I would want to go to sleep with John Legend does not come to mind.

The app costs $69 a year. Freudian?

Random item: You might love Zabar’s, a stellar grocery, bakery and foodie store on the upper west side of New York City, but do you love it enough to spend $495 on a bagel sweater which is not ‘shmere?!

And Netflix is testing to see if it should make people pay for all the password sharing. OY.

Have a great weekend and get those much needed planes to Ukraine.🇺🇦

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