Rainy Days Make Me Happy…

rain in nyc

I shouldn’t complain, but I will.

I have been on a whirlwind the past month. Organizing life in Los Angeles for an extended absence, finding great doggie daycare, trying to attain Machu Picchu fitness shape through spinning and pilates, working hard, making magic, flying to NYC and doing everything I can possibly fit into a day, flying off to Peru for 2 glorious weeks seeing the country and hiking until my feet swelled, celebrating my birthday on a floating island and celebrating my husband’s during a culinary tour of Lima and dining at one of the great restaurants in the world. Flying back to NYC to a floating bedroom and eating, biking, walking and Broadway’ing my way through the past week.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Whew, I finally succumbed and am creating/writing from my bed on a rainy Thursday in June, trying to rid my body of the Peruvian virus…I am unfazed since it could have been yellow fever or malaria.

Rain has been a rarity in Los Angeles of late and thankfully, only a 1 day drizzle in Peru. Rain on vacation is a no no. Torrential rain inundated Machu Picchu for days before our arrival which was greeted by azure skies and temperatures in the high 70’s.

Rain is a great excuse to hibernate in NYC. Additionally, I had my hair blown out by the lovely Alejandra so I need to protect my investment.

By the way, if you are living in Manhattan, particularly on the upper west or east side, Alejandra and her posse of excellent stylists and colorists have opened a sleek salon at 986 Columbus Avenue between 108th and 109th street. The pricing is reasonable and the work expert. Check out Gleam Salon at www.gleam.com.

Simona Halep
Simona Halep

I am catching up on the French Open, watching the #4 rising star, Simona Halep take on the radiant Andrea Petkovic of Germany (#28, love those broad shoulders) in the women’s semi-finals.

Halep won and the pint-sized powerhouse Romanian will take on Maria Sharapova in her first ever Grand Slam final on Saturday in Paris. Sharapova is in her third straight French Open final.

John McEnroe, Ted Robinson, Mary Carillo
John McEnroe, Ted Robinson, Mary Carillo

I am attentively listening to the dulcet tones of my favorite announcers and pals John McEnroe, Ted Robinson and Mary Carillo…missing those wonder years at the US Open with that trio of smart and likable talent, bribing the VIP chef with promises of time with John so that I can coerce him into whipping up gourmet meals for Johnny Mac, feeding Mary to keep her engine running and plying Ted with licorice and home brewed iced tea while picking out his on-air outfits, as well as keeping their schedules and lives running smoothly.

Those were the days at NBC. Now ESPN has turned the announcers booth and suite into a digital jungle devoid of personality and left all the announcers and talent to fend for themselves…love corporate rigidity and dehumanization of the business.

Time to call it a wrap, get dressed make the bed and swaddle it in plastic tarps to defend myself against the Wicked Witch of the West Side.

I must embrace the city now that the sunshine is radiant and the humidity low…perhaps some urban renewal on my battered feet and a lovely dinner with my husband.

Enjoy your weekend and happy trails until we hopefully engage again on Monday.


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