Raging Anger…



Is there an environmentally friendly receptacle for it?

They talk about misplaced anger, but where does it go?


I have a fury building inside of me.

I want my home back and some respect. I guess I can attest to never really having ownership of this demolition zone as it has yet to serve as an unblemished dwelling.

photo: kentcis.com
photo: kentcis.com

I have been cuckold by the old boy’s club and I cannot motivate my husband to go postal all over the contractor.

I am barely on speaking terms with the contractor because he is a sexist pig and my husband is my intrepreter and clearly we do not speak the same language. Other women share the same irony between husbands and contractors.

No more excuses. Starting today, I am taking back what is mine. I have battled sexism in the workplace for decades. I will not deal with it in my own home.

Stay tuned. I might just be ‘Breaking News’, ‘Breaking Bad’ or breaking the old boys club.

Oh, by the way, here’s to a great kick off to your Monday. The New York Giants play the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football tonight. Without any “Luck” (Colts qb is Andrew Luck) we will win and perhaps my anger will be quelled.

Unfortunately, I am not counting on immediate victories in either the home or sports arena, but I shall remain positive, assertive and on red alert to overcome all obstacles in my way.

NY Giants Quarterback, Eli Manning photo:footbasket.com


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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    I loved your opening line!

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