Queen E. Unveiled…

Yesterday I experienced extended social distancing.

I virtually held Queen E’s unveiling.

After months and months of delays and endless hassles Queen E’s memorial stone was unveiled.

Alas, I was thousands of miles away, but I was with her in spirit.

While experiencing endless hours of lock and key  hide and seek, Queen E. has been on my mind.

I think about how difficult this shelter in place would would have been for her.

She loved to be out and about, seeing friends, playing cards with the Canasta Girls, getting her hair done, going to the ballet and doing more errands then any human could handle…probably why I still balk at running errands.

I miss her terribly and find solace in the fact that she does not have to endure the insanity we are all experiencing.

I leave you with the inscription which reflects her life viewed through lavender colored glasses combined with her love for ballet and family.

“She pirouetted her way through life floating on a lavender cloud surrounded by love”

Peace out, Queen E.💜


  1. Cathy Newman says:

    Lovely! Great inscription.

  2. brialauren6 says:

    Aww, Toby, it’s so nice to hear something that is positive during a time where many are scared and unsure of what’s to come… “Queen E” will always watch over you and your family. Just a little backstory; yesterday, was the only sunny day this week, thus far. It was so bright and the rays were just beaming down. That warmed my heart ❤

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