Puppy Love…

dogsI love my dogs. They bring so much joy and companionship into my life.

Reality check…I just saw the TV ad for the ASCPA…Geez, I cannot handle it. I cannot believe what people do to animals.

I adore my dogs. They are in my heart and thoughts at all times. I cannot imagine life without them. I have been waging a 3 year health battle with Berkeley, our almost 14 year-old Australian Shepherd. She has a tumor in her liver which we tried to have surgically removed, but it was wedged in there and the surgeon was afraid she would bleed out during surgery.

She has now developed a skin condition due to the liver being compromised. Every week brings a new challenge. Food is the latest. I cook omelettes, salmon, the vet said to try puppy food and even baby food. I have found a formula that is working now, but who knows what next week will bring.

We thought it was the end 2 weeks ago and suddenly, she has made another  miraculous recovery and is doing better.  She is such a trooper. Lately, I stay close to home so I can walk her every 2 hours.

Beyond the love and companionship, dogs motivate their owners. Until canines can be toilet trained, they need to relieve themselves outdoors and we are their ticket to the outside world. I clock 6 miles a day…Berkeley can’t do it of late, but Madison is still a participant.

I could watch my dogs sleep for hours and those ears…silky smooth like butta! Is there a better way to wake up then having your dog stick her nose in your face, mouth stuffed with a toy, tail wagging, dancing in circles?! Even though it’s 6am and you have to go outside in inclement weather, it’s worth it!

As with children, sometimes I check on them in the middle of the night and end up snuggling…more unadulterated love!

 I cannot imagine not having 2 dogs at all times. My husband does not completely agree because financially it has been a costly few years…let’s just say we could have put a 20% down payment on a spiffy new home.

Life is full of sacrifice and the joy these guys and previously our amazing Golden Retrievers, Goldshore Toughshot I and II, and Samantha have provided is invaluable.

Berkeley and Ms. Madison Avenue are what is all about right now. Bark on, my lovelies!!

BTW, the ASPCA has worked tirelessly for over 140 years to fight cruelty to animals. Consider donating at aspca.org.


  1. what can i say, you have said it all.

  2. Amy Sheneman says:


    Maybe it’s because I am an only child, but animals have been a huge part of my life and honestly I prefer their company to almost all humans – currently have 3 ex racing Greyhounds, 6 cats all adopted as adults and 9 adopted unwanted birds – my furry and feathered family. I’ve been divorced for over 33 years and these animals and the animals before them have been my most loving family. I would do anything for my animals and move heaven and earth to save any one of them – glad that you feel the same way

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