Privilege Knows No Limits…

I played the role of Pedicure Princess last Friday.

Ruby’s was packed.

Every spa chair was  taken, draped with designer bags and a straight line of Chanel flats.

I would say that 2 carats was slumming it…they probably lived in the Highlands.

Many had their privileged offspring nestled by their side, playing video games as well as being pampered with manis and pedis.

I must say that I was taken aback when a 5 year-old began whaling for a massage.

Mommy Dearest succumbed and the tiny tot received a 20 minute neck and shoulder indulgence.

I queried if he was tense after a rough day at kindergarten.

Did he eat too much paste?!

His finger painting did not earn a gold star?

The washed out blonde gave me skunk eye and quickly prepared to dash off.

Naturally, only after her spa pedi, gels and 20 minute massage was completed.

No, I did not influence their exit strategy.

Apparently, 3pm is the bewitching hour…Hudson never misses the dance segment on the Ellen Show.

And people wonder how Trump got to be president.




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