The Price.

A riveting, emotional family drama which opened on Broadway last night.

The cast, comprised of Mark Ruffalo, Tony Shalhoub, Jessica Hecht and Danny DeVito, is outstanding.

I nabbed a second row center aisle seat for half price.

The first act was very unArthur Miller…lots of humor watching Danny DeVito convincingly play an 85-year old cantankerous Jewish furniture dealer.

Family on stage or in reality is very contentious.

My parents came from families whose personalities were diametrically opposed.

I personally have dealt with some heady family issues.

Maybe that is why I am so devoted to my nuclear family comprised of my beyond fabulous husband and daughter, my irascible and forever young mom and our amazing doggies.

I know this is a tangential issue, but today I am even more invested in the price of family.

My perfect Madison heads in for surgery this morning to have her toe amputated.

She is priceless and hopefully, the surgery ends the Big C scare.

You cannot put a price on those that mean so much to you…it is a small gaggle, but mighty.

On a less serious and quite entertaining note, heed my advice.

For a heady night of theater, take in The Price.

Arthur Miller’s The Price American Airlines 227 West 42nd Street New York City. Running time 2 hours and 30 minutes with one 15 minute intermission. Performances through May 7, 2017.


*Photo: ABC News

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