Post Reno Blues…

I just had an epiphany…I think I am suffering post renovation blues.

My job is done. What’s next?

I have a few events to plan. Writing my blog is a full time job, but I am always in need of the next fix, another high.

I am a task junkie. I need to have things to do, mountains to climb, supposedly unreachable goals to attain.

After renovation hell and all the ridiculous people who were in my home daily for six months, one would think that I would relish the quiet and the accomplishment of a job well done.

Renovated Living Room
Renovated Living Room

I must admit the pain and headaches were worth it…the new home rocks. We achieved fabulosity.

renovated Bedroom
renovated Bedroom

I need to have a have an adult beverage and contemplate my next move, but in the interim, I am definitely self-diagnosing post reno blues.

Color me unchallenged.


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