Plus One…

I think of myself as an independent woman.

I welcome alone time…I like myself.

Being married with children, having a white picket fence, emulating Donna Reed was never on my Bucket List…if Mr. Right came along, great.

If not, I would be just fine, thank you very much.

My childhood scrapbooks were of the NY Giants, not perspective wedding dresses and destination honeymoon locations.

Well, the right man rode in on his red Alfa Romeo and I became a plus one.

The seduction took almost five years.

Eventually, I succumbed to the idea of marriage.

I married for all the right reasons, not from fear of being alone…I didn’t settle like some.

Fast forward to 37 years later.

It is still working and always a work in progress.

My husband has been away for nearly two weeks.

I miss him.

Sure, making the bed is easier, meal prep is not necessary, no toothpaste kickback on the bathroom mirror, no abundance of laundry.

But, life is a trade off and I miss my buddy and voice of reason.

I am always looking ahead….sometimes, I think too much and anticipate instead of just living life.

I am sensitive  to my mom reminiscing about my dad and her present day lack of companionship.

Reunited soon and it will feel so good.

I will embrace the moment and continue to be schooled in patience and compromise.

It is very special to have someone in your life that you like and respect and truly enjoy their company.

It ain’t always perfect, but it’s darn close.



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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    So good.

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