Planking In Private…

In the good old days (2 weeks ago) I endured animated internal conversations every morning on the way to the gym.

I would complain about having to leave home early due to unpredictable Los Angeles traffic.

I would lash out at the bumper to bumper Pacific Coast Highway congestion.

An internal rant would ensue when I arrived at the the Santa Monica Equinox parking lot because motion sickness was a daily occurrence caused by the circular ramp which eventually dumped you into a spot in the bowels of the parking lot.

Then the long awaited elevators and finally a check in with a surly bunch of wannabe actors especially that little weasel John.

The gym doesn’t have a convenient interior elevator so you stomp up 2-3 flights of stairs to the group  fitness rooms.

Yesterday, when I was doing the boring Pilates tapes at home, I had a fantasy moment about gleefully dealing with the inconvenience of getting to the gym…how times have changed.

YouTube Pilates tapes are as stimulating as Agent Orange’s pressers.

I used to joyfully engage in hour long Pilates classes three times a week..

A 30 minute home class is excruciating.

I am black and blue from banging my feet into walls and furniture as I never seem to successfully position the yoga mat in an unencumbered space so that I can view the TV.

But I go on which is an anti-quarantine attitude.

Please reach out virtually to friends and family and be thankful you are well, safe and not wasting away in Coronaville.

Another kumbaya moment brought to you by the Coronavirus.

Love and peace🙏

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  1. ellie lupo says:

    love this!! Am doing the same ..if I get my act together and figure out how to put my class on the phone and send it out…YOU will be the first to receive my exercise class. stretch ,tone and Pilates all in one !!!!! good luck..stay healthy..much love

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