Pique My Interest…






Shook up my daily outdoor activity.

Had an early morning appointment so on a very warm Monday morning I hit Palisades Park in Santa Monica overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Memories flooded in…visions of walking Ms. Madison and Finnley along Ocean Avenue every single day for the two years we lived in Santa Monica.

Palisades Park draws an invisible line in the sand.

From the Santa Monica Pier to the California Incline the park is rough around the edges, a rest stop for the homeless, a playground for drug use and a preponderance of tourists in cut offs showcasing their barely covered booty.

My favorite walk is California to San Vincente with tons of dogs prancing with owners, group workout classes and beautiful, well tended rose gardens.

It is a tale of two cities, a true reflection of this extremely partisan country.

The view is awe inspiring, swaying palm trees kiss the cloudless blue sky.

These are the moments you are just happy to be alive…all your senses are piqued by the surrounding beauty with masked patrons staying in their lanes.

A sense of normalcy and peace amongst the insanity.

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