Piece In The Middle East…

Nur is trending.

It’s on many NYC best restaurant lists.

People are talking it up and coming in droves.

I got pulled into the hype so last Sunday my posse dropped in without a reservation because they are so difficult to come by.

When I found a parking spot literally across the street from Nur, I just knew that we would be seated immediately.

Good vibes prevailed.

We arrived at 5:30pm and it was empty.

Without 30 minutes it was packed with a mixed crowd including noted celebrities who also eat just like us regular folk.

In fact, our opinion was solicited from Clare Danes and her charming husband, Hugh Dancy.

The cuisine is modern Middle Eastern, interpreted by super Chef Meir Adoni.

After studying in Sydney and training in Paris, chef Adoni returned to Israel and opened several wildly successful restaurants.

His business partner in NYC is Breads Bakery founder, Gadi Peleg.

Breads sells amazing challah, babka and almond croissants….I can personally attest to the magical carbs.

Cheers…cocktails are quite appealing and exotic at Nur.

Nur York Harvest

David ordered Nur York Harvest made with Bourbon, Applejack, Lemon, Port, Strawberry and egg white. It was creamy and delicious ($15).


Courtny and I sampled the Middle East’s take on Pastis.

Arak is a clear, unsweetened anise-flavored distilled alcoholic drink.

It was served in weighty cut crystal glasses, accompanied by large ice cubes and water to add to taste ($14).


We kicked things off with Panipuri which are basket shaped cups of goodness. The Panipuri combined Yuzu Buttermilk in the foam-filled Panipuri topped with Tuna Ceviche, Dried Apricots, Almonds and Habanero ($16).

Chickpea Fried Octopus

For the table we next selected A divine Chickpea Fried Octopus with Chickpea Cream, Black and White Tahini, Preserved Lemon, Tamarind Paste, Fresh Almonds and caramelized Onion Samosas ($35).

Turkish Delight of the Hudson
Chickpea Cigars

Flavors abound and presentation is stellar.

Chocolate and Coffee Bean
I think we erred by not ordering one of the noted breads, either the Jerusalem Sesame Bagel with Za’Atar and Lima Bean Messabaha ($10) or the Honey and Garlic Challah with Cured Onion and Creme Fraiche ($12).


Nur launched brunch on Saturday, March 10th, offering a pre-paid weekend brunch service. For $42, diners will share 10 small plates per table, but there will be no printed menu. Turkish coffee and Moroccan tea service are also a part of the deal.

Exiting Nur, I noticed that East 20th Street is literally an upscale restaurant row.

The street is lined with top notch places including Le Coq Rico, Gramercy Tavern, Sugar Fish and right around the corner, Union Square Cafe

We had a tantalizing meal, but we were all hungry so a slice was in order.

That night in bed I had a cholesterol freak out when I processed eating pizza and foie.

Oh well, it was a wonderful, albeit expensive and  portion controlled family meal.
I might just head back to Nur with some extra spending money for a repeat performance, this time indulging in the specialty bread and smoked eggplant carpaccio.

Nur 34 East 20th Street. Open Sunday-Thursday 5-10pm, Friday and Saturday 5-10:30pm. Brunch Saturday and Sunday 11am-1:30pm. Reservations on RESY.

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  1. Omggg this place looks so good!!! Adding it to my list 😛

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