Pets really touch a nerve in humans…the response to Friday’s blog was huge. People love their dogs. I hope everyone can experience owning a furry friend…the relationship is so rewarding. Enrich your life, lick loneliness…go rescue a dog or cat.

Food excites me. Not as much as my dogs, but good food is a rush. We discovered brethren who worship at the food pulpit in Culver City, a rather pleb ‘hood in Los Angeles. A Slanted Door alum (if you are a follower, you know that I think Slanted Door is one of the best restaurants in the country) has opened an adorable, fresh, locally sourced Vietnamese restaurant in a nondescript strip mall in Culver City. They did a great job decorating on a shoestring. The food is reminiscent of San Francisco’s Slanted Door, where chef/owner, Perry Cheung, worked. Perry is not only a talented chef, but also a lovely and hospitable man.

carmelized shrimp
Carmelized Shrimp Broken Rice Plate

The broken rice plate with carmelized shrimp and onions ($12) is an evolution of a favorite dish at Slanted Door and just as delish. The onions and rice are amazing, defined by a tantalizing sauce. The shrimp are juicy and cooked to perfection. The cold vermicelli noodles with crispy tofu, vegetarian imperial roll, salad (cucumber mint, bean sprouts, pickled carrots $11) and the every fab fish sauce was excellent. I am going back soon for the shaking beef, a staple at Slanted Door and an item that often makes a guest appearance in my culinary dreams.

Vermicelli with Crispy Tofu

A large contingent of young and hip Sony employees were gorging on the Bahn Mi sandwiches on freshly baked french bread…selections include, Jidori chicken with cucumber, craft pickles, cilantro ($8), Berkshire pork ($8), and crispy tofu with avocado, cucumber, cilantro and craft pickles ($9).

bahn mi
Bahn Mi

Pho is a major hit and is available with Washugyu beef ($9), Free Range chicken ($9) and natural oxtail ($11). Make a point of checking out Phorage…another plus is that the prices are very reasonable, especially for such impressive quality. Phorage 3300 Overland Blvd. Culver City. Open Monday-Saturday 11:30am-3:00pm and 6-10pm. Sunday brunch 11:00-am-2:30pm.

The mini road trip to Culver City was ultimately to retrieve Berkeley’s holistic medicine from the compounding pharmacy that keeps her solid and regular. 10 pills for $60…nothing but the best for our Berkeley. On the way there, I had one on one car time with David which I never experience during a weekday. He did not remember anything I had told him lately. I suggested he find out if they do cerebral high colonics because he needed to be cleansed upstairs…sure seems like a procedure that they would perform in Lalaland.

spring roll
Spring Rolls

Here’s hoping you always eat well and eliminate.

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