Perfection is hard to attain.

I achieved it this past Saturday.

It was the type of day you treasure.

I went spinning at 8am despite my reticence to ruin a perfectly good hair day.

The spin class was invigorating and the music A+.

Central Park

The weather was fall perfection.

We grabbed the girls and went off to Central Park for a long walk and a perfect cappuccino.

Home again, home again, hippity hop, showered, changed and we headed to lunch at Esca.

Enjoyed a midday repast with my 2 favorite people, husband, David and daughter, Courtny, and indulged in one of the best Fritto Misto di mare  ever.

We literally strolled across the street to see the outrageously amusing and satisfying, Little Shop Of Horrors.

The madcap musical, ensconced in the intimate Westside Theatre, could not have been more entertaining, featuring an outstanding cast, creative scenery, an iconic Audrey II and great music.

The cast consisting of the hilarious Christian Borle playing multiple roles, Jonathan Groff as the dorky hero, Tammy Blanchard as the vulnerable Audrey and the Greek chorus of skid row Urchins was a perfect moment in time.

I never wanted the show to end.

We were up close and personal as the seats were in spitting distance of the stage.

After the play we took a Lyft to the final members only day at MoMA before it re-opens today.

The new 47,000 square foot addition of new galleries is breathtaking and the flow between the old and new is seamless.

We then had an hour before dinner and enjoyed stunning champagne at Aldo Sohm, the casually chic wine bar from Le Bernardin’s master sommelier.

We sat at the bar across from a charming guy in the hospitality industry and volleyed NYC restaurants back and forth…a game of skill that ended in a tiebreaker.

We made our way to dinner at Danji for delicious Korean fusion food.

We made it home in time for the NY Yankees do or die playoff game.

Saturday ended just before the devastating walk off home run by the Houston Astros….the Yankee season ended with a heartbreaking thud after I had enthusiastically and devotedly rooted for the team during more than 170 games this season.

Sunday began ominously, but I am thankful for that perfect 10 of a Saturday with my divine family.


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