Unsurpassed Non-Hospitality…


I know I am repetitive, but I Love New York.

I had a 9am genius bar appointment at the Apple store 2 blocks away. I threw on sweats and was there in 2 minutes. No car, no parking issues. From there I walked a few blocks and purchased my miniature supplies for France at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

On to the new Joe Coffee shop one block from home. I met my sweetheart there…life is so much better without the threesome we have been having with our despicable contractor. I love my husband, once again.

Pat waited on us at Joe Coffee. They take their coffee very seriously and for $4 for a small cappuccino, they should.

Joe was founded in 2003 as a singular specialty coffee house in Manhattan’s west village with “the simple vision of brewing the highest quality, unique coffees and serving them with unsurpassed hospitality and knowledge.”

BTW, hospitality is defined as the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers. The derivative is hospital…is there a worse place to be a guest and is there a more unhospitable place in the world than an Emergency Room…I’m just saying.

its pat

Barrista Pat was surly and confused. I think it was a female in a San Francisco Giants cap…Pat should be thrilled. Her apparent team won the World Series. I am humbled and depressed with a 3 win 7 loss NY Giants record.

Cup Of Joe
Cup Of Joe

Pat made my cappuccino milky…I was very specific about dry. Pat was unpleasant and unbending when I asked for either a redo or another shot. “Another shot s’not going to reduce the amount of milk.”

joe inside2

 Pat obviously is unaware of Joe Coffee “unsurpassed hospitality” vision statement.

“Great, Pat. Make me a new one. Thanks so much.” I placed the full cup on the counter. “Throw the cup away,” Pat said in her neutered angry bird speak.

Five minutes passed…she bellowed, “Dry capp at the counter”…I dashed back to the docking area as Pat had made it clear I was not allowed to linger.

“Thank you so very much for remaking the cappo and congratulations on winning the World Series!” No retort. So I countered, “You are so welcome. Have a great day and enjoy the dry capp!”

So much for the dynamic teamwork of Joe and Pat. Next stop Starbucks.

joe outside

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