Patience & Kindness Zone…Enter With Sincerity

It just seems that the world has no patience anymore.

Good manners, understanding, compassion, kindness, hearing what someone has to say…gone.

I think we are fed up as a society with anger, hatred, ridiculous unsubstantiated politics, not taking care of each other.

I have done a deep dive into animal preservation because humans are too self-centered for me.

I despise trump.

In all sincerity, he is to blame for this extreme right turn in America which has bled into the rest of the world.

I want compassion to rear its beautiful head.

I want common sense and John McCain, Kennedy and Tip O’Neil politics back in Congress, fighting for what is best for the country not for self-serving sociopaths.

I want to take the subway and not fear for my life, constantly scanning the car for a violent predator.

I want to board a plane without worrying if I will be part of a video featuring another loose cannon..

I want everyone to vote knowing it counts.

I want corporations to care about their employees.

I want to walk or drive in a city and not fear being the next drive by statistic.

I want people’s religious beliefs to be personal and not judged by ignorance.

I want humans to meet and fall in love without looking over their shoulder for the next best thing.

I want honesty.

Admit to plastic surgery and using extreme weight loss means…don’t make it all look so attainable, side stepping the continual hard work and dedication it takes to be healthy and looking good naturally.

I want people to be real friends instead of using people for personal gain.

I want no good deed to be underappreciated.

And with love and caring and an admittedly bad loser, I want the Philadelphia Eagles to “crash Eagles crash!”

End goal…happiness, kindness and patience without all the constant animosity, hatred, bickering and  impatience.


  1. a very big heartfelt amen!!!!!

  2. Terry Nicholas says:

    I completely agree with everything on your ‘wish list’.
    And I love the way you express it … with grace, a lightness of touch and with an unquestionable, ‘from the heart’ sincerity.

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