Out Of Gas…


I see it as ConnEd.

I just received a ConEd utility bill for July 25th to August 24th for $296.58.

Not possible as no one except maybe New York City water bugs have been in our NYC apartment since the beginning of August.

So, in one week I used that much electricity?!

Without reading the meter, they stand by the exorbitant amount.

That is after calling a dozen times, placed on hold for 30-45 minutes and hanging up in frustration.

Finally, I reached a surly biatch who helped Not.

Time to send a certified missive to the CEO of ConnEd.

To further annoy me, for no discernible reason I had to schedule an appointment to have the gas meter read.

A ConEd workman arrived at 8am on July 28th.

Today I received a letter stating ConEd is shutting off the gas for noncompliance.

Bureaucracy at its finest.

I was going to end the frustration and stick my head in the oven, but alas, no gas.



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