Out, Damned Spot…

A spot on the living room chair.

I am obsessed.

Blame it on trump.

Someone was so incensed by yet another blatant trump lie that they jumped up and an adult beverage went flying.

How small is my world?!

My universe has shrunk so much (why hasn’t my waistline) that this spot becomes bigly!

I need a life beyond these walls, but I am a pandemic prisoner so I shall continue to mask my feelings and live by the Coronaville rules.

I will just clean, polish, scrub and diminish the size of the furniture blemish In my mind’s eye and focus on the pristine beauty of the rest of the place.

A red wine spill on the laundered Belgian linen Restoration Hardware custom chair isn’t the end of the world and I am way too kind to point fingers.

Plus, there is no escape route.

Love you, Corona cellmate.


*drawing: drawception

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