Oscar Goes To Washington…


I’m tired.

Just experienced another MSNBC marathon.

I have nothing much to say except politics is like herpes.

It may not surface for a while, but it’s always lurking.

Trending…celebrities contemplating candidacies.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Oprah, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Anthonio Sabato, Jr, Tim Tebow,  Mark Cuban, former MLB pitcher, Curt Schilling, Kanye West and now it looks like Miranda, I mean Cynthia Nixon, may be running for governor of New York.

Wahoo, finally good Sex In The City during an election phase.

This is most likely motivated by the extreme dislike between NY Governor Mario Cuomo and the tall and awkward NYC mayor, Bill DeBlasio.

Nixon was a big time DeBlasio supporter when he initially ran for mayor.

If we have to go down this road, let Meryl Streep or George Clooney throw their hat into the ring…at the very least, they can act the part.

I laughed when Fred Grandy, better known as Gopher on The Love Boat, ran for Congress and won.

As a kid I loved Shirley Temple so I was okay with her role as Ambassador.

I cried unhappy tears when Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor of California and Ronald Reagan was elected president.

Let’s not omit Clint Eastwood who served as mayor of Carmel, California, Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, Jerry Springer who was mayor of Cincinnati, Tennesse Senator Fred Thompson, the Beat Goes On with California Congressman, Sonny Bono and I’m missing you, Minnesota Senator Al Franken.

What important legacy did any of them leave?

If trump is any indication, we must never mix metaphors.

Let’s just find some smart, grass roots, passionate candidates.

Maybe I’ll run.

I’m too tired to think about it today.

Maybe tomorrow.

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