It’s An Orange Final Four…

Syracuse Basketball
Syracuse Basketball

I may have to convert.

Yesterday, I witnessed an Easter miracle.

Syracuse rose from the dead.

And, like those who were non-believers and transgressed, Syracuse has experienced a orange crate full of haters who said that ‘Cuse did not even deserve to be in the tournament.

After every win, they put us down, but the fervent believers buoyed the team.

I must admit that when we were double digits down yesterday, I wavered in my dedication to the team.

But, I ain’t no Judas. I threw myself into the moment and bunny hopped my way around the living room for 8:32 of the second half.

Syracuse came back from a 16 point deficit to defeat the #1 seeded Virginia Cavaliers who had beaten ‘Cuse in their last three meetings.


My favorite Easter Peeps is Coach Jim Boeheim who made an historic adjustment as Syracuse Orange appeared to be nailed to the cross during most of the game.

Boeheim turned off his signature zone, turned up the full court press and sent the messenger of miracles, freshman Malachi Richardson, to resurrect the Orange and squeeze out the memorable win.

I continue to place all of my Orange eggs in one basket. Actually, two baskets since Syracuse Women’s basketball team is also Final Four bound.

Please note that my alma mater continues to make history as this is the first time ever that a 10-seed has gone all the way to a Final Four.

Hallelujah…Final Four Faith.

You gotta believe.



  1. Cathy Newman says:

    Very cleverly written!!! Glad your team “has risen”!!!!

  2. they did a super super job!!!! Happy for all of you Syracuse fans…….

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