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Our doggie, Finnley, is probably the most adored family member.

We are obsessed.

If need be, I am sure we would have paid top dollar for Finnley as we have done with our Golden Retrievers, but we wanted to adopt a doggie and our daughter found Finnley in a San Bernardino kill shelter.

I was shocked when I recently read about the plight of folks who want a dog, but cannot afford the price tag (adopt!).

Apparently, online pet stores offer financing for pet sales, a widespread practice that traps pet owners into loans that sometimes end up tripling the cost of their dog.

Some pet stores and online retailers use high-interest loans and leasing agreements that tout low monthly payments and target hopeful pet parents without great credit.

I read about one elderly couple who agreed to a loan for a $4,595 chihuahua puppy. Later they realized it would end up costing them almost $20,000 for the dog.

California Governor Gavin Newsom just signed a bill preventing online pet stores from offering financing.

Opt to Adopt a dog and avoid the financial. insanity.

Shelters and adoption organizations charge a nominal fee. Often times, mixed breed dogs are healthier than pedigree dogs and you are, most importantly, saving a life.

Rescuing Finnley was one of the best things we  have ever done and her love and presence are priceless.

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  1. She looks like she is always ready for a formal event, in her tux!

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