Ooh La La…


Never a dull moment.

Our flight was divine. Not one bump. Watched 3 movies and never slept.

Arrived 30 minutes early. Uber at Charles de Gaulle is screwed up, but we were at the hotel by 8am, dropped off our bags and walked until 4pm without sleep…8 miles. I shall never succumb to being a Golden Girl.


We observed Notre Dame’s progress, visited the Louvre, Tuileries, shopping on Rue St. Honore, a divine lunch in the Montparnese area, Luxembourg Gardens, the Left Bank and the fabulous Hermes store and finally back to the hotel, quick shower and a wonderful dinner.


Sunday the Yves Saint Laurent Museum was on the schedule.

Enjoyed the YSL retrospective showcasing his groundbreaking designs which introduced women to jumpsuits, artist inspired designs, the tuxedo pants suit, see through tops and color.

We were stuck after lunch at Baillotte on Rue du Dragon on the Left Bank.

Antisemitism March in Paris, France, Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023 (AP Photo/Sylvie Corbet)

A huge demonstration rocked Paris with over 100,000 participants showing their solidarity with the country’s Jews and denouncing antisemitism. The marchers were called to take to the streets by the leaders of both houses of the French Parliament. Even Marine Le Pen, the far right French politician whose father was antisemitic and her National Rally Party which has failed to shake off its antisemitic heritage, came out in support of curbing antisemitism. 1,247 antisemitic acts have been reported in France since October 7th.

3000 police with machine guns slung over their shoulders were present all over the Left Bank closing roads and bridges, many Metro stops and even foot traffic.

We finally took a subway to Madeleine on the Right Bank and walked halfway home desperately reaching out to Uber for the rest of the journey which took one hour in bumper to bumper traffic and pouring rain.

After a Pastis and for such an important reason, who cares about being inconvenienced.

Paris is as gorgeous as ever.

Met some fab people.

Consuming escargots with incredible French baguettes and sumptuous French wines is our daily bread.

Today it’s a train to our French home away from home.

There are no bad days in France, thankfully far from Trump, his Maggots, porno afflicted Speaker of the House, wars, random acts of subway violence and the lousy NY Giants.


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