On The Menu Fat Ham With A Helping of Family…

There is nothing better than enjoying your family.

Blood may be thicker than water, but feeling warm and fuzzy about your relatives can be challenging.

Most of them are just unlikeable.

I cannot think of anyone I prefer to spend time with than my husband and daughter.

Saturday, we were all doing personal renewal around the block from each other and we met up for lunch and an afternoon of just hangin’.

Sunday, we rendezvoused at Kyu, a new, trendy and honestly delectable restaurant.

Then it was off to a matinee at the Public Theater.

The play, Fat Ham, is indescribably delicious.

Critically-acclaimed playwright James Ijames, cleverly reinterprets Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Picture a hilariously tragic family barbecue.

What emerges is a compelling examination of love and loss, pain and joy with an ending surprisingly entertaining and totally unexpected.

The Pulitzer Prize winning play, is Broadway bound.

If you have a chance before July 31st see the fabulous cast and enjoy the intimacy of the Public Theater setting.

Another great weekend spent with my groovy posse…I am one lucky lady….ultimately, we respect and adore each other and work hard to keep the magic alive.

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