Omakase At Takeda…NYC Restaurant Review

Takeda is noteworthy.

The price point maybe a bit daunting, but the quality and the intimate dining experience are memorable.

We were treated by our incredibly generous daughter to an amazing Anniversary Omakase dinner at Takeda, an authentic edo-style sushi (sushi made with fresh seafood caught near Tokyo Bay) restaurant on the Upper West Side in New York City.

Dinner maxes out at eight people. Our evening included a total of seven diners.

The restaurant is a tiny, rustic space with a L-shaped bar.

Two highly attentive female attendants dressed in elegant kimonos attend to your every need.

Chef Yukihiro Takeda is the driving force behind this charming sushi restaurant. All eyes are focused on his amazing knife skills, precise preparation and the original and inspired nigiri.

The 20-course meal is fresh, creative and tastes divine with all fish flown in biweekly from Tokyo. Only the tuna, marinated for two weeks, is from Spain.

Enjoy several of the Omakase courses, including Oysters marinaded in Yuzu and white miso, Bonito in ponzu sauce, Buckwheat noodles and crab, Sea bass,
Scallop, Golden Eye Snapper, Eel, Mahi-mahi with zucchini, Uni, Blue fin tuna marinated for 2 weeks with shiso flower, Sea Bream aged 2 weeks, Striped Jack and Sockeye Salmon.

The $250 price tag is well worth this exceptionally relaxed, intimate and deliciously enjoyable experience.

If the desire and splurge impetus is there, definitely dine at Takeda.

Takeda 566 Amsterdam Avenue New York City. Open Wednesday-Saturday 5:45-11pm and Sunday 5:00-10:30pm. 2 sittings each night.  Reservations on Resy.


  1. You raised a kind and generous daughter. What a remarkable and delicious experience for all of you.

    • What a lovely comment. Thank you, Bruce. It means a lot.
      We really could not ask for a better daughter.
      Our anniversary was perfection from beginning to end…a special day. I am so fortunate to have such a fab family and friends like you💜

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