Old Navy, New Gucci…

My wardrobe these days is limited to appropriate pandemic wear.

I am always sporting tidy workout clothes.

I went out yesterday and wore my Lululemon walking shorts with pockets which I would deem my dressy shorts with a Gap black T, my Lululemon sports bra and new Nike running shoes.

Most days I wear my Old Navy dolphin shorts that I bought on sale for $10 and have 7 pairs so that just like Day of the Week panties I have enough for daily use.

It’s my school uniform and I just pretend I attend Covid College in my weather appropriate clothing because we are still hangin’ in the Southern California heat.

I have worn real clothing just once in 7 months since I hibernate when the sun goes down.

The other day I received an email from JCrew and admired a pair of Italian wool pants on sale.

I began the selection process and then realized that I have nowhere to go and by the time I do they will probably be out of style.

The great news is that I have earned enough points at Old Navy to have a $10 discount code so there will be another pair of colorful Dolphin shorts in my Old Navy basket.

It’s the little things that get you through a pandemic and my clothing allowance now goes to Biden and democratic senators who can win their seats and flip the Senate a beautiful shade of blue.

Money hopefully well spent.


*graphic: Pinterest

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