Oh My, Omakase…NYC Restaurant Review

Superb sushi while indulging outside in a Covid safe environment.

Who knew and who can resist.

My daughter told me about Sushi Nonaka, a new sushi place on the upper west side.

A stellar dining place I can walk to is alright with me.

Sushi Nonaka Is located in the basement through to a lovely patio which is accessed through Bako, a sleek Korean restaurant that serves killer fried chicken.

Boka Restaurant

The owners of the two businesses are married. There is no sign for the sushi bar, but now you know how to find this hidden gem.

You wind down a short flight of stairs, past the sushi bar and arrive at an outdoor patio that is covered in case of inclement weather which we actually experienced.

The $89 10 piece Omakase is three courses of fresh and delicious fish from Toyosu market in Japan.

Miso soup and a hand roll also are included with the meal.

The sushi is top notch and the servers very capable, informative and unobtrusive…no pressure to eat and move on.

The patio is peaceful and mellow.  I usually enjoy sitting at the sushi bar, but, in this instance, the patio was delightful.

I was satiated, but next time I may grab some fried chicken to go.

Sushi Nonaka 410 Amsterdam Avenue New York City. Open Monday-Saturday 5-10pm, Sunday 4-9pm.


  1. That looks delicious! Looks like it has great ambiance too. When Devin was living in DTLA he took me to Takami Sushi and Robata, has good food and nice views of downtown from their rooftop patio.

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