Oh La La…

Gidget Goes To Paris.

Moondoggie is presently quite continental, a manly man who is landlocked and now catching the proverbial wave on a Viking stove in a toque blanche and crisp white double-breasted chef jacket.

Gabriel aka Lucas Bravo photo:deadline.com

The scene is set.

Perhaps you are craving a commitment free diversion.

Then Emily In Paris is for you.

Most likely no Emmys for Emily, but if you are jonesing for a delightful Rom-Com featuring droolworthy food, delectable fashion by Patricia Field who dressed Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte and a gorgeous backdrop spotlighting the City of Lights, then invest your Coronaville free time watching Emily in Paris.

It is 10 episodes of tres chic soap opera viewing.

Lily Collins, daughter of musician Phil Collins, is delightful and the supporting cast is very entertaining.

I identified with every snapshot of Paris and was squealing with delight and nostalgia.

Emily In Paris, created and written by Darren Star (Younger, Sex & The City), is about an ambitious marketing and social media guru who lands her dream job in Paris.

Emily In Paris debuted on October 2nd on Netflix and you seriously cannot help yourself from falling in love.

We have an expression in our family when something is of questionable taste we say it is so butt ugly that it morphs into fabulosity.

I took an informal poll of smart, sophisticated, discerning men who I would have thought wouldn’t be caught dead watching Emily In Paris and surprise surprise they were swept up in the Parisienne mystique.

Dont be a snob…Emily In Paris is c’est chic and do not delay in checking out Gabriel…a man with an accent, a face and body to fantasize about and a hottie who knows his way around the kitchen and how to treat a cast iron skillet.

Gabriel aka Lucas Bravo photo: cosmopolitan.com

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