Oh Baby…

A lot of chatter around Nepo Babies.

I never had the opportunity.

Queen E. was a ballet dancer and although I took ballet for 13 years I never had the love or body type for it.

My father was a very successful businessman and although I am fascinated by wine and spirits I knew I could never live in Connecticut again and I was too young to consider expansion or morphing his success into a parallel business.

Whatever I achieved it was completely on my own.

The same with my husband who did not want to become a doctor or do a deep dive into his family’s South African real estate business.

Working in entertainment most of my career I have seen the “who’s your daddy” contingent mostly flop when the offspring were placed in unearned power positions, in an acting vehicle or pursuing a singing career.

I just read that iconic NFL coach Bill Belichick’s son who was on the New England Patriots staff was just hired as Defensive Coordinator at the University of Washington and on the other side of the ball NFL coach Pete Carroll’s son was just appointed Offensive Coordinator at the same university.

Proof is in the winning…we shall see.

Outstanding grades, attending the best college for your intended profession, successful internships and great references help, but in most things in life, it’s who you know or the impressive flow of your bloodlines.

If you feel stymied, just work harder.

Jealousy does not come in complimentary colors.

Success on your own terms is in black and white.


Photo: Daily Beast

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