Office Politics…

The Republican Congress is a reprehensible Congame.

Instead of organizing and uniting behind a viable Speaker of the House nominee, the ineffective, petty con men are dashing off letters to former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to vacate her office within 24 hours.

Pelosi was not even in Washington DC, having flown back to California to honor Senator Dianne Feinstein who will lie in state in San Francisco City Hall until her funeral.

The interim Speaker of the House, North Carolina’s 10-term congressman, Rep. Patrick McHenry, made her eviction a priority after being prodded and pushed by the vindictive, fired former Speaker, McCarthy.

The email, which was reportedly sent to Pelosi’s staff at 6:11 pm on Tuesday, asking the team to remove their belongings by Wednesday.

“The Speaker pro tempore is going to re-assign H-132 for speaker office use. Please vacate the space tomorrow, the room will be re-keyed,” the email reads.

Petty, small, limp dick middle-aged white guys.

Guess who is moving in? The deposed Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy.

Grow up and for once, take care of business and serve the best interests of your constituents.

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