Interesting how Agent Orange is universally disliked.

Lamb in Morocco is delicious. I would never consume in the States.

The Muslims we encountered in Morocco appear to be a very gentle, kind people. The religion is very maligned in America…understandably so after 9/11, but I think we need to assess the religion on its’ own merits. More research needed.

The benefits and delight of 2 ply Charmin cannot be overstated. I suffered bodily harm without its’ presence.

Sweet mint tea is all that…especially the art of the pour, but nothing replaces the morning benefits of a rock solid espresso.

Loved the Medina’s and souks, but nothing beats a modern bathroom.

Recycling is a gift to the environment. So much plastic and garbage litters the exquisite Moroccan landscape.

Viable tap water is all that.

Pastis is a French nation treasure and is a bargain at 4 Euro.


Why does air turbulence rock me to my core and ripped up, potholed roads never cause any consternation?!

Bargaining is a blessing to all retail therapists…can you hear me now Bergdorf Goodman, Saks and American Zara?

Uber and Lfyt are delightfully more affordable outside the U.S.

Traffic is a global problem.

The French strikes have no purpose. We encountered a plethora of “Yellow Vests” during our recent road trip in France. They only affect the people the gas tax has been levied against. America strikes are much better organized and vastly more effective.

Shop ‘til you drop…designer items are a minimum of $100 less per item in Europe. The smell of discounted supple Gucci and Chanel leather gets me high.

Nothing beats nature…whether it is a Sahara Desert experience or an African game reserve, nothing surpasses the unadorned real thing.

Carry on luggage is the only way to travel.

Business class flights are ‘da bomb…I’m just saying. Call me a snob. I used to just be thrilled to be able to travel to an exotic location. Not so much anymore.

The pathetic NY Giants are easier to digest without picture and sound. The addiction did persist on vacation as I did awaken at 2am to “watch” the game on my phone.

Curiosity is still the greatest high.

Jetlag is a conundrum.

Good night.


  1. I love these observations and I agree with so many. I love traveling. It feeds my soul. And yet, coming home (except the jet lag!) feels like a relief. Your pictures are fabulous. I want to see more.

  2. Cathy Newman says:

    Welcome back to reality! Loved your observations!

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