Oafish Online Observations…

Effortless or challenging?

I love the ease of buying goods online.

Everything except clothes.

At this point I can order leggings and black t-shirts online, the rest I suffer from retail dysfunction.

I have so many Amazon clothing returns I now know every employee at the Amazon bookstore in the Palisades.

Buying a bathing suit anytime anywhere is one of life’s great challenges, but online is a total nightmare.

Why is bathing suit shopping so torturous?

As I suspected, a man invented the first two piece.

In 1946, French designer Louis Reard introduced the world to the first  modern bikini, featuring significantly less fabric than its predecessors which debuted in the mid-1800s.

Reard was inspired to name his two-piece after a newsworthy US atomic test with the name Bikini Atoll.

Anyway, I need to see, feel and touch clothing and to add insult to injury online fashion is always worn by 5’11” size 2 women…soo real world realistic (not!)

Dresses are up there with impossible purchases.

Even socks are challenging

I need to get back to a store, but I’m just not ready.

And allow me to complain about a First World problem…I have a Gucci gift card and you cannot use it online which is doubly unfortunate because you do not need to try on a Gucci bag.

Shopping conundrum.

Guess I’ll be doing laps this summer in leggings and a sport’s bra.



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