NYC Rings In The Holiday Season…

It’s the time of year to pull back the curtain on the holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue in New York City and reveal the gigantic, dazzling Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Bergdorf Goodman’s theme this year  is “Magic in the Making,” featuring the imagination and multitude of skills that go into creating special items, including woodcraft, dress-making, mosaic, papier-mâché, metal craft and scrapbooking.

This year, Sing Harlem helped unveil the windows, which feature a mosaic magician surrounded by a menagerie of colorful animals, monumental wooden birds and 17th Century paper artisans.

The windows are a result of 10,000 hours of meticulous work over the course of 10 months.

First, we glance at the decorations across from Bergdorf in front of the Plaza Hotel.

And now for the best holiday windows anywhere.

Drumroll please..,presenting Bergdorf Goodman.

To be honest, Paris holiday windows do not hold a candle to these.

Louis Vuitton on Fifth Avenue.

Rockefeller Center.
Saks Fifth Avenue
6th Avenue

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Terry Nicholas says:

    Those windows are extraordinary… gleaming with vivid, rich, jewel-like colours! They’re magnificent. Thank you for the virtual tour. What an explosion of beautiful energy. And as for that tree …. sheer magic – awakening the wonder-struck child in me!

    • Terry:
      Loving your descriptive, immaculately composed comments. So glad you are following the Devil. I look forward to your comments. I hope you are doing well💜

  2. Wonder piece and great photos. But you are making me home sick.

  3. Cathy Newman says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! Almost makes me miss NYC!!

    Thanks for posting pics for us out of towners!

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