NYBG Annual Train Show…

The beloved New York Botanical Gardens Train Show returned for its 30th year.

The miniature wonderland is located inside amongst the natural beauty of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

On Sunday morning at 9am when even the plants were awaiting their wake up watering, we marveled at model trains zipping through an enchanting display of more than 175 famous New York landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, each delightfully re-created from natural materials such as pine cones, acorns and seeds.

Please meander through the enchantment of the NYC train show.

Featuring the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, etc.

Yankee Stadium

The Train Show ends Sunday. Remember to mark it on your calendars, commencing, once again, in November 2022.

It is wildly innovative and entertaining for all ages.

The NY Botanical Gardens is a great escape and only a short distance from Manhattan.

Membership is very reasonable and so worthwhile for the viewing public and the betterment of our precious environment.


  1. this is wonderful! Trains are such fun to watch to collect. the way these trains are displayed to artistic and clever.. Charlie loved model trains and we had some in our basement that he zoomed through houses and such. Gave them to a very good friend when we moved. Herb,his son and grandchildren are now loving them. If I ever visit the city….I will go see if they are there at the time. Thanks for the photos.

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