NY Takes Down LA…

Sunday dawned beautiful and bright.

Walked to the beach with a Starbucks triple cappuccino and bagel shmear, settling in by 8am and experienced bliss for 4 perfect hours.

High noon and I was off to don my battle fatigues and head to Dodger Stadium for some old fashioned combat with my LA daughter.

Kim and my real life daughter go way back to college days.

We all share an irrevocable bond…maniacal, diehard NY Yankees, NY Giants and Syracuse sports fans.

Kim takes losses as badly as I do…Courtny is more fatalistic.

The losses do not keep her up at night!

2 hours before the first pitch, Kim and I set out for enemy territory.

Kim has secured amazing seats from an ESPN contact.

I was in full regalia, having just sprung for a new Yankees t-shirt as armpit holes had made my three fan apparel t’s unsuitable for public consumption.

And, always the superstitious fan, I had my faded, stained, worn Yankee cap reminiscent of John Wetteland, the former Yankee relief pitcher.

We arrived to the mid-century modern charmless stadium about one hour before first pitch and settled into our great seats surrounded by Dodger fans.

To their credit they were not aggressive and boorish.

The Dodger fan in front of us stole my baseball outfit…so glad I decided to change at the last minute.

The Yankees, in special black uniforms looking like Lululemon Yoga gear, rose to the occasion and delivered a 5-1 victory although there were a few moments of doubt.

Heading for the exits, we scurried along with the sweaty crowds, valiantly trying to escape the pervasive aroma of garlic fries which permeated the Stadium.

We eventually made a quick car escape and caught our breath at YazuNori sushi, the original hand roll bar in Santa Monica.

A delicious finish to a perfect day.

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