Nothing Beats a NYC Egg On A Roll…

Egg on a roll.

Quintessentially  New York.

Several times a week my husband heads to the little cart filled with two  imposing gents from Romania who serve up the best egg sandwiches.

There is always a line and the final product is consistently delicious.

No city does egg sandwiches like New York vendors. There is a definite NY bagel and roll advantage.

In Los Angeles the eggs are loose and the bread product inferior.

Decades before it became an American breakfast and hangover staple, the egg sandwich was a utilitarian, on-the-go meal for factory workers in 19th century London. On their way to menial labor, downtrodden workers would chug a spot of tea at a street vendor’s stand and grab a breakfast sandwich to eat as they made their way to the factory.

Fast forward to the 21st century and for $3.50 we buy a 2 egg sandwich to split on a toasted roll or bagel with thick slabs of crispy bacon and cheese if you prefer, although I do believe that cheese on an egg and bacon sandwich is a no no.

A  two egger without bacon on a roll or bagel is $2.50…such a deal.

You are always asked if you want salt, pepper and/or ketchup. The contents are hot and well wrapped in silver foil with extra napkins and presented in a paper bag.

Bonus, locally we have bonded with the men behind the eggs who are interesting, well educated and fans of Russian classics.

They have been successfully scrambling for 20 years.

Be forewarned…not all egg sandwiches are created equal. Be discerning and choose your cart wisely and never buy an egg on a roll for on the go from a restaurant.

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