No Silver Lining…

Sunday morning 5am and there is a light dusting of snow.

The streets are deserted.

A lone salting truck rambles down Central Park West.

As soon as the truck it out of sight, peace and serenity provide my surround sound.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go through a day with only the sounds of silence.

I quietly slip back into the house trying to avoid waking my sleeping prince and princess…Finnley is tucked in tightly with David in the bedroom.

I brush off the snow, feed Madison, make myself an espresso and check email.

I opened the first email from Silver Singles Seniors Dating (try saying that fast 3 times).

That was a mood killer.

How rude… why would people assume I am alone, silver haired or senior?

In an odd twist of coincidence, the very next email missive is from a funeral home.

So let’s assess the situation…it’s 5:30am and I am already labeled alone, lonely, unaware of single-process and likely on the brink of death.

Screw that and delete.

To self-validate my robust state, I drag my significant other out of bed and make him go spinning, filling an hour with sweat and rock ‘n roll.

We literally jog home, shower and make a mad dash for the 10am showing of the newly released movie, The Upside, which is a really sweet and funny film.

I am pleasantly surprised by Kevin Hart’s range.

Bryan Cranston is an actor I would see in anything, having recently attended the Broadway play, Network, where Cranston delivers a memorable performance.


We head downtown, pick up our daughter and indulge in Sunday brunch at Buvette which is always a caloric treat.

Afterwards, Courtny bids us adieu as she is off to Say Yes To The Dress with her newly engaged friend.

We take Finnley on a long walk through the Village and SoHo and then drive uptown to watch football.

Hey, listen up, you better do your due diligence before you label people silver hued, single, senior and in need of a permanent resting place.

I rest my case.


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