Nightcap With Ali Wentworth…



Who doesn’t enjoy a good Nightcap?!

Tonight, you need to pour yourself an adult beverage and settle in to watch the hilarious, savvy and versatile Ali Wentworth in the debut of her new scripted comedy, Nightcap.

Late Night TV is definitely trending.

Curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a late-night talk show?

Nightcap brings you up close and personal.

I have been there and in reality, it is funny, frantic and the food ain’t that good.

Why am I so high on the show?

Beyond being a fan of the funny and erudite Ali Wentworth, my daughter, the TV agent, is Wentworth’s agent and sold the gem to Pop TV.

Nightcap has already been renewed for a second season before even premiering…unbelievable!

Wentworth is all that and more.

She is the daughter of Nancy Reagan’s White House social secretary, wife of George Stephanopoulos and a triple threat as star, executive producer and writer of the hysterical, Nightcap.

Nightcap photo: business world
Nightcap photo: business world

The 10-episode series chronicles the day-to-day, backstage antics of a fictitious talk show in which A-list celebrities stop by and play exaggerated versions of themselves.

Wentworth plays Staci (of course with an ‘i’), the show’s neurotic talent booker.

The first episode features a story line involving Kelly Ripa and husband, Mark Consuelos, in search of a surrogate.

Tonight’s Nightcap is a two episode premiere.

Featured this season is salty, carb whore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mariska Hargitay who is coerced into being swallowed by an anaconda.

Also scheduled to appear are Sarah Jessica Parker, Whoopi Goldberg, Paul Rudd, Tim Gunn, George Stephanopoulos, Debra Messing, Denis Leary, Michael J. Fox, Andy Cohen, Mark Cuban, Jim Gaffigan, Janeane Garofalo,  Jim Norton, Rosie Perez and Joel Schumacher.

Nightcap is a must…Seriously who doesn’t need a good laugh during these dark and tumultuous times?!

Nightcap premieres tonight, Nov. 16th, at 8 p.m. ET on Pop TV.



  1. Congratulations and the very very best wishes for Courtny!

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