Night In White Satin…

The world knows that Melania Trump, a virginal vision in white, was chauffeured Trumpless to the State of the Union.

Personally, I think that she did not want to sit next to Agent Orange for a multitude of reasons.

She may have feared that Dumpster’s mandarin colored make up would rub off on her white Christian Dior outfit.

Alternatively, Melania may have been concerned that his orange hue hair dye would drip onto her designer suit as Girthers have a tendency to sweat under pressure.

It was also dinner time and there was a good chance that he had been diving into a bucket of KFC, rendering his small hands soiled from noshing on a fried thigh on the way to the clapfest.

Regarding the outfit that stunned the nation, I think Hillary and Melania talked before the SOTU.

The conversation went like this.

Melania, “Hillary, clearly darling I cannot stand by my man.”

Hillary, “Stand alone, Mel.”

Melania, “What kind of statement should I make, Hil?”

Hillary, “When experiencing ‘Stormy Weather,’ I have one word for you. Pantsuit. Show that SOB and the world who really wears the pants in your dysfunctional family.”

Melania, “And, the color palette?”

Hillary, “Wear white in solidarity with all the strong, independent pussies the world over. Did you feel the impact the women in white standing behind Kesha at Sunday’s Grammy Awards made? That’s the effect you are going for.”

Clearly, the two First Lady’s were in sync.

Melania’s stark power suit proved to be about as subtle a slap in Agent Orange’s flabby face as could be contained in a garment.

You Go, Girl…and that’s not fake news.


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