Food for thought…trying to digest the reality that I have nothing to say to enlighten the day.

Breaking News…I had my duvet cleaned…memorable in that I visited the dry cleaner for the first time in over a year.

I am awaiting my tax bill which looks to be a very bitter pill to swallow.

I just read that the ArcLight movie theaters are closing down which is probably the only theater I would possibly venture into now that things have loosened up a bit. Not only is it a lovely complex, but it is always empty early weekend mornings in Santa Monica.

Another resource gone.

I am reading a lot more because we cannot find anything interesting to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max…just like Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, we have squeezed the resource dry and await new ones.

The last decent series we watched was the first season of Marcella and then season 2 was way too dark.

This was preceded by 5 entertaining seasons of DCI Banks, a British crime drama peppered with very interesting recurring characters.

I bought the MLB package so I have afternoon delight with the Bronx Bombers most days although some days are very painful. This season is not inspiring joy…yet.

The gouge is on…airline tickets have skyrocketed. If you are planning on traveling start searching ASAP. The NY to LA ticket price jumped $100 overnight.

Consumers are taking the hit for the pandemic.

My Old Navy casual wear uniform is still affordable…just bought cropped leggings with pockets (a must!) for summer for under $20. LuLuLemon must be missing me.

Living in Coronaville has made me thrifty.

Purchased an adorable and effective waffle/panini maker on Amazon for $9.99 so my focus remains in the kitchen instead of the bedroom.

My daughter just chastised me for my pedestrian sleepwear. Love me a huge sports team t-shirt and men’s boxers which are always on sale at the Gap for those way too frequent sleepless nights.

Casual and comfortable has appeal.

That’s all I got except to ask, don’t police officers watch tv or read newspapers or peruse social media or interact with peers and those in command…happy trails.

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