NFL Players Linking Arms in Solidarity Against Trump…

The NY Giants Are Breaking My Heart

My sports team preferences are comparable to my 80’s fashion choices.

The red Dior lipstick worked.

The shoulder pads and long, pointed red nails didn’t.

My NY Giants Super Bowl pick is not fashion forward this season.

The football season kicked off with my spirits high.

As of today, things could not be worse.

My beloved New York Giants are 0-3…no wins, no joy.

Sunday has became a work day.

Odell Beckham, Jr. “peeing” in the end zone after scoring a TD in Sunday’s game (photo:Yahoo7)

Quarterback Eli Manning is considered old at 36.

Star receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.’s juvenile antics look even more egregious when the team is losing.

The once mighty defense is as weak as Trump’s presidency and the offensive line is as mystifying as global warming.

Although the Giants lost a heartbreaker in literally the last second of last Sunday’s game against the Eagles, I was very proud of all the NFL players.

Their stand against Trump’s inane comments were powerful…grown men linking arms and projecting unity during the peaceful protest.

Agent Orange has no idea how many positive actions football players take in their communities.

The players have every right to express their Constitutional rights…very American.

Despite logic, Trump leans into criticism knowing that his base will love it and it might just take the focus away from stories he’d rather not talk about.

He could cares less about the long term effect these irresponsible actions will most likely have on democracy.

Bottom line, Team America can only succeed if that mentally deranged ASS is put on the PUP list…in football speak, Physically Unable to Perform list.


*Photo:Elsa/Getty Images

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