New York State Of Mind…

I am so angry and disappointed with the State of New York.

I applied for an Absentee Ballot in June for my husband and myself.

I was notified by mail that my application was approved on September 17th and purportedly mailed.

David’s arrived the beginning of October. We turned it around the same day.

Two weeks later my ballot had not surfaced so I called the New York County Board of Elections.

After 1 hour on hold the gentleman checked and said that I did everything right, but, oops our bad, my ballot was never mailed.

He said it would take 3-4 days to process and then it would be mailed out.

Yesterday, after 2 weeks since the day that I called,  the ballot finally arrived.

I filled it out checking everything twice and hand delivered the ballot to the local post office.

During the waiting period, after I had called the NY Board of Elections, I checked online to see if it had been mailed and, subsequently, the site now said I was not a registered voter!

The person at the County Board of Elections office advised me to call the Manhattan voter registration   office to inquire as to the screw up.

He provided the telephone extensions.

I called three different extensions for four days, dialing  the numbers in excess of 100 times.

One line was busy for four days.

One line had a voice message that told me to have a blessed day and although I left 17 messages,    the apathetic voice never called back.

The third number said that the voice mail box was full.

Bureaucracy at its finest and New York State is a more liberal leaning blue state.

All I could do was anxiously visit my mailbox twice daily for days.

I am so passionate about this election that on Monday we were discussing flying to NY and then Governor Cuomo reinstated California on the restricted state list which entails quarantining for a 14-day period…with 6 days before the election, I could not meet the requirements.

Thankfully, the ballot arrived and was postmarked before November 3rd.

Voter suppression is rampant.

No matter how challenging conservative factions of the government are making the unalienable right to vote, do whatever it takes to make your VOTE count.


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