New Kid On The Block…

The holidays are over, but new, unwelcome relatives are still showing up.

Let me introduce BA.2, a cousin of Omicron BA.1.

The new sub-variant has just married into all our families.

Do not embrace…mask up, run or disinvite from any and all family gatherings.

The new variant is exploding in Denmark and also prevalent in the Philippines, India and South Africa. Cases have been reported in California, New Mexico, Texas and Washington state.

Here we go again.

Will this Whirligig of contagious germs every stop?!

Protect yourself against the newest addition…step away, social distance, sanitize and mask your feelings with a triple layer of protective fabric.

And, listen to Mother Nature, the most trusted family member…vaccinate the world or these unwanted relatives will never stop showing up on our doorstep.


Cartoon:Mike Luckovich Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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