My Little Runaway…


I journeyed to Connecticut yesterday to visit my parental unit.

The drive was exquisite.

The leaves were changing and the reds, oranges and golden hues were outrageously beautiful and helped to soothe my migraine.

Merritt Parkway
Merritt Parkway

I arrived at my destination with 2 dogs in tow.

Quickly, the number shrank to 1.

My mom’s back door was left ajar and out scooted Finnley, the speedy and elusive pup.

My mother’s house is on a dead end street which backs up to the woods.

The dog simply disappeared.

Yes, she had a collar on and Finn is microchipped, but that did not abate the panic.

In 80 degree weather and without running shoes, I scoured the neighborhood and woods for over an hour…no sightings.

With time and patience running out, she jumped back over the stone wall and  proceeded to play catch and release in all the neighboring backyards.

Finally, at wits end, I changed into the ghost of NY Giants Hall of Famer, defensive end Michael Strahan, and blitzed the canine, bringing her down for a loss of 10 yards.

Secured and panting, I took Ms. Thing back to a safe haven, delivered a breathlessly severe talking to and collapsed on my mother’s kitchen floor.

I am too old for hide and seek and perhaps for puppyhood.

Ms. Madison, of course, was quietly sitting on her bed, nonchalantly glancing at the action and being her usual perfect self.


Ms. Madison Avenue
Ms. Madison Avenue


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