My Husband, The Author…

12 Things You Need To Know About My Husband.

1. He is a fabulous husband, father, friend and overall human being.

2. He is as handsome as he is kind.

3. He brings me coffee in the morning and does the early morning doggie walk.

4. He vacuums and does regional laundry.

5. He is incredibly smart, well read, can fix anything and knows as much about cars as I know about the NY Giants.

6-12. You will have to read his hot off the presses book, 12 Things You Need To Know About Digital Transformation to learn the rest.

I actually live with him and usually am clueless as he has lived in the Cloud, Azure, Artificial Intelligence and now Digital Transformation, but this book does a fabulous job of explaining.

David’s multi-decade business innovation and digital transformation journey with numerous stops along the way at MTV, Lucas Film, Barnes and Noble, Intel, Microsoft and other notables have impacted the way we all live and do business.

As a pragmatic futurist and sustainability aware business builder, he has carved a successful, influential, cutting edge career path, leaving his creative mark.

When he was a young man, David left South Africa and its repressive apartheid policies in search of limitless free thinking, freedom and innovation.

He landed in the United States with very little and made it on his own, flourishing and succeeding in ways he never imagined.

I am always in awe of my husband. The publishing of this invaluable guide makes me beam with pride.

Links to the book (just press link).

Barnes and Noble:

Twelve Things You Need to Know About Digital Transformation – From MTV to the Metaverse by David Catzel, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

AMAZON Twelve Things You Need to Know About Digital Transformation eBook : Catzel, David : Kindle Store


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    mention for your lovely tribute!

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